Oscar Fandre

There was a time when the sea appeared to man as the limit of the known world.
The unknown fanning the imagination and in need of answers, man prophesied his anguish in the immensity that surrounded him.
For lack of knowledge and perhaps also by naivete he imagined the sea as a demonic place.
Enunciating all kinds of wacky theories, a reflection of their unfounded prejudices.
Faced with these strange words, a little boy remained septic, curious and incredulous,
he decided to conduct his own investigation into this mysterious place.
Conscientiously he was crunching all his experiences and adventures.
The latter disappeared at sea, leaving behind him a multitude of scattered notes,
they have been collected in a collection which presents answers to certain marine phenomena arising from his research.
But as stated above, one should not always believe what one says ...

"Oscar Fandre", at éditions Anna chanel.