Et si on se parlait ?

A series of preventive books that will allow children from kindergarten to college entry
to be informed about their right.
It is a fun and joyful way to prevent various types of violence and to provide information on
the possibilities offered by the institution to remedy it and without making the child resonsible.

For the adults who read, it helps them learn about Children's Rights and the laws that exist to protect them.
It is a way to empower adults without making them feel guilty and above all to make them understand that
the institition has put in place means to help them raise their children with kindness or react if their children are in danger .

The book, illustrated with tenderness and humor, allows us to question the way we raise our children and how "outside" adults listen to children.
It provides simple ways to open dialogue between children and adults and helps to fight violence.

"What is important is to receive the word of the child,
get in touch with him and generate a relationship based on benevolence to then react to his words".

Et si on se parlait ?, volumes 1,2,3, aux éditions HarperCollins.

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