Storyboard / Sketch

You need to put your projects into images, facilitate visual understanding of them, convey a message, ideas, feelings.

The storyboard allows you to create a sequence of visuals that builds on the script, making it more visual and allows you to quickly visualize the final rendering of the project.
It streamlines your creative process, thanks to a clear map of your project that does not forget any detail.
It allows you to improve your concept for an optimal realization.

Skills used: anatomy, character design, perspectives with several vanishing points, axonometry, urban or natural landscapes, colorimetric and graphic research.

I take car of your projects in their entirety, from concept to manufacturing, helping you find a unique positioning, a discourse and an identity.

Call on my expertise, i will be able ton advise you and meet your needs.

Some original drawings, paintings, postcard series and posters below are for sale on request.